New employee introduction

New employee introduction

NEWS 2023.06.02

Wong Chin Chan (CC below), who joined our company as the University of Yamanashi international student from Malaysia this year, talked about the future.


-What made you want to work in Japan?

CC: I would like to gain experience of the Japanese work culture and am interested to explore myself more on latest technology.


-What did you learn in the master course of the computer science at the University of Yamanashi ?

CC: I honed my skills in deep learning and computer vision. I completed my master’s research on traffic object detection and number plate recognition in daytime and nighttime.


-Why did you decide to work for PATIC?

CC: I see the opportunity for me to learn and grow my skillset and culture knowledge. I am fascinated by the rapid advances and innovative products that PATIC offers. Working in such a technology driven company allows me to contribute to the advancement and to be part of a forward thinking environment that is constantly pushing the boundaries.



-What is your current charge of the job?

CC: My current role is to be responsible for MatchTracker and Focus, and I am also exploring PATICAM.


-How do you want to apply what you have learned at the master cause of University of Yamanashi so far in PATIC?

CC: I would like to apply my knowledge that I have learned to the further development of the PATIC’s product. Latest deep learning techniques can be apply in PATIC’s product in order to improve its efficiency.


-What are your future goals with PATIC?

CC: My future goals are to master my current role and gain more organization hands-on experience. I would also like to specialize in team sports technology.


-What is your future career plan?

CC: In terms of my future career plan, my primary focus is to excel in the field of computer science and engineering and also to become an entrepreneur.


(Left) CEO Maruyama / (Right) Wong Chin Chan
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